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Horse Float Signage, Pinstriping & Scrollwork – Traditional Signwriter

Horse Float Signage, Pinstriping & Scrollwork – Traditional Signwriter



Besides trucks, prime movers and vintage vehicles etc. horse floats are also fun to apply the traditional craft of handpainted signwriting to.

I was recently given the opportunity to lay down some burgundy handpainted pinstriping and scroll work onto this new “Tender Deluxe” float for a customer from down Berwick way, a suburb east of Melbourne and who also delivered the float to our signshop out here in Trafalgar Gippsland.




They requested bright bold colours for the wide bands as they did not want to end up with a traditional, conservative looking horse float with the standard colouring’s of brunswick greens, dark blues, Burgundy etc mixed with grey tones that you see a lot, no thanks we want orange colours so make it loud.

After a good soapy wash and then a complete wipe down with prepsol to remove any wax etc I pencilled out the pattern, then cut and installed the three different coloured 90mm wide bands using an Avery 900 graphics material as Avery is the best at holding strong vibrant colours for many years in the outdoor elements.
Once that was installed and I was happy with how it was positioned, I prepared my little tin of paint and went to work with the paint and pinstriping brush for a good few hours.
The end result I am very happy with and closed my signshop door that night with a smile on my face once again – Cheers Grant Fowler