“Signmaker and the Signshop”

“Signmaker and the Signshop”



Welcome and thank you for reading the website’s first blog post of Grant Fowler Signs.

I thought a brief intro into the history of our Gippsland based signshop and also a little about myself.

I left school at 17, I was great at art & graphics but failed most other subjects. I brought some very good brushes, actually some a still use today and taught myself to hold and guide them, row after row of A then B then C etc. then the numerals were ran through in their entirety, this repeated many times in my parents single car garage for a number of years until I need more room and took that big leap into my first rented workshop in Trafalgar.

Its 32 years later and our purpose built signshop still ticks along nicely in Gippsland, I say “shop” but it’s actually a small factory as the term “signshop” is quirky and not used much in Australia, this I love and being different is a good thing.
I keep work practises in our signshop traditional where possible and if needed a mix of modern printed technology is also used but it is hand painted signage that I love most. The simple approach to life in general is what I strive for with most things and making a hand painted sign using the traditional brush skills with enamel paint that will last for many years is always my gaol. Modern digital printing cannot do that sadly with digital prints fading fast within a few years, yes the world is changing and “long term” or “made to last” seems to have been pushed to the back of the room to collect dust in the darkness which is such a shame.

To be honest motivation can struggle some days when you have worked on your own for years but I have the radio, the wood fire during winter and some days our dog comes to work and then there’s the steady flow of calls, inquiries and walk ins to keep me on my toes.

Being a Signmaker is an extremely rewarding craft and traditional signwriting is a simple job, skilled yes, but simple if you let it be that way, giving you a little time to stand and watch the fast paced world and the ever increasing line of traffic fly by our signshop at 94 Waterloo Road Trafalgar, stop by someday. Thank you

“Make something, Fix something”

Cheers Grant Fowler



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